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Two years ago I was standing in front of a huge walk-in wardrobe with what felt like hundreds of clothing items and did not find anything wo wear. Most women feel like this at some point in their lives and until that day I actually also thought it was normal. But that day, I had enough. I felt overwhelmed because I actually did not even like most of the items I had bought and therefore never wore them. So I thought to myself “how will I solve this issue once and for all?” – and I started googling. I came across the concept of a “capsule wardrobe” and started digging deeper. A day after that I started reading the book “The life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo and a new perspective was born!

A few weeks later I had gone through the method of Marie Kondo and started a capsule wardrobe and was happier than ever with my wardrobe. I had only pieces left that I loved wearing and could actually immediately see what I owned. While I did my research on capsule wardrobes I also came across the duo “The Minimalists” which led me to reading about minimalism and the effect on our lifes as well as our planet. By then I was already thigh deep into the sustainability topic. I never came back.

Since then I have watched many movies on different aspects of ecoconsciousness as well as read loads of articles, books, blogposts and studies around the subject. I gained a lot of insight through watching youtube-videos and listening to podcasts and I am still learning today.

Last year in autumn I suddenly had the idea of a 100% sustainable-only travel-guide that would not be yet another blogpost or youtube-video but a full-on written travel guide, with routes and pictures as well as tipps and tricks around the desired destination. HashtagLowImpact was born. The name represents the generations which are slowly but surely shifting towards a more sustainable behaviour, intune with nature and our environment. Especially the young generation of role-models like Greta Thunberg or numerous big bloggers like DariaDaria or ZannavanDijk are taking big steps in the right direction. The generation of “Hashtags #” is the number one generation demanding change and making it happen, now.

So what is it, that we do, now that I have told you where I come from and why I this company exists?

Firstly, we sell LowImpactGuides (respectively sustainable travel guides for big cities across the globe) and fairly produced, environmental-friendly products like our clothing line (coming 2020) and travel essentials (coming end 2019).

Secondly, we want to provide our community with free information around the most important topics on environmental protection and the climate crisis. If you want even more inspiration and information, head over to our Youtube-Channel to gain insights in our LowImpactGuide-Travels or have a listen to our Podcast “The Hashtag Goes LowImpact” (coming mid 2019). You can support us through Patreon or Buy me a coffee and get access to supporter-only content which is exclusive and amazing!

Thirdly we think getting active in a sustainable and conscious way is important. That’s why we are planning on volunteering in different sustainable projects and helping others increase their positive impact. You can find all the inspiration around this project on our Youtube-Channel or Instagram.

Last, but probably most important, are you guys. Our community, allys and supporters. You are the ones making the change happen on a day to day basis and we are so grateful you do. Without you, we would not be here and we would not be able to #makeworldgreenagain. We hope we can support you on your way to a LowImpact-Life, whether you are just starting out or are already a big game changer – let us know how we can help you and what you need. We are in this together, and never forget: “Don’t stop doing something, just because you cannot do everything”.  Every. change. matters.

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